Advanced Notice!

Time to get things cleaned up and beautified in the showroom, so we’re having a Mother’s Day Sale this year! For many years i have kicked the season off with this one day sale at the studio!

10 AM – 4 PM

and this year I will have my adorable twin daughters here visiting! How cool is that, getting to be a “Real” mom on Mother’s Day! It’s been about 4 years since they visited here….Morgan, who lives in BC, and Bronwyn, who lives in Muskoka, will be here for about 10 days…..so they will be able to help out in the studio, it’ll be just like the good old days back in Muskoka when they used to be great at helping out!


Vases and bowls….


Mugs, cups and many other interesting and useful pots will be available.


For those who haven’t yet seen the Oceanic Glazed pots, there will be a variety of bowls, mugs and a few other items to choose from.


Of course my 3 main glazes will be on hand also….Floating Blue, Cream Gloss and Celadon….


So I hope you will be able to take time on this Mother’s Day to come visit the shop and see what we have to offer. I will have a small selection of slightly flawed and elderly pots as usual….and hopefully if the weather is nice, we’ll have some display set up outside! Coffee and some kind of lovely treats will be available…maybe my girls will do some baking!!!

Bring a friend and head up the Big Hill!


Back in the Mudroom…

What a time warp…..swimming in the deep blue ocean one day, wearing flip flops to the beach…..next day, down jacket, boots and snowshoes…..brutal i tell you!

I hate to rub it in, but boy did we have a fabulous time in Cuba! +30 every day almost, the resort was amazing, spacious and beautiful. blip-1-31

We did do some exploring and spent 2 nights in a lovely casa in a little fishing village, Gibara, about 1 hour away. Here are some images from there:


the building are so colourful…even in this place where there was so much damage done during hurricane Ike, in 2008.

I did a bit of modelling while i was there…..NOT….this was Terry’s favorite statue….and it was just outside our Casa…definitely more attractive than the soldiers with guns!

Back at the resort, i managed to try out my new traveling art supply kit….it worked really well!

And so now it’s back to reality, and into the mudroom – all my glazes froze over the winter, so today i had to sieve 7 of them. This is probably my least favorite job – so messy, cumbersome and just a big fat pain in the arse!

Spring cleaning is next on the agenda and back into full production! Thank god i have many images to look at to remind me of the warmth.


Tulips and Pots!

In a couple of days (2 more sleeps!) we’ll be in Cuba…..i can hardly stop myself from doing a happy dance all over the place!!! It’s been a long, hard and cold winter here on Cape Breton Island and i for one have had more than enough! I’ve never been a big fan of winter, i merely tolerate it! So as the lists gets dealt with, the organization of packing gets under way, i thought i’d do a quick post on what’s been going on around here!

I’m back in the old mudroom! Last week i headed back into the lovely comfortable world of clay! I haven’t missed it to tell the truth, but am also ready to get going again with that rhythm of throwing, trimming, handling etc! I wanted to get an order for 90 Ugly Mugs completed before i headed south, and i managed just fine! They will be ready to be glazed on our return.


When i saw this shot of me trimming i was amazed to see the resemblance between my hands and my fathers! My Dad used to work with a butcher in Edinburgh and my sister and i often remarked that he was in the right profession cos his fingers looked like sausages…and then we’d laugh of course! So it was a bit disturbing to see my ‘sausage’ like fingers! but i have to say i love the connection between my working hands and the working hands of my old Dad….brought back some wonderful memories!

My latest abstract image came from the following photograph i took of the tulips that gave me so much…all for $6.00!


Here are 4-5 images as i painted it.


It’ll probably be a little while before i get some concentrated time painting once i’m back into the mudroom. But i’ve got a wonderful little travel kit with pastels, paper, watercolours, etc., and plan to spend some time painting on location, under the amazing blue skies of Cuba!

Hasta Luego!


Clean up time.

This is one time i wished i taken a ‘before’ image also! but i didn’t so you’ll have to imagine just how dirty my pastels were.


I could hardly tell what the real colour was, so i spent a long time cleaning them…using a container of rice…..the rice in this shot is the 2nd batch, and it was at one point, white!!!

I was about to begin another painting but just couldn’t stand all the dust and mess….and now, after spending a great afternoon painting, i feel relatively happy with this one.

It still amazes me how tentative i feel when starting out…especially with the abstract images. here are the first few steps….at this point i have no real feel for the direction and it all feels so awkward and clumsy…..going on absolute faith is all i can do!



this is when i started to feel i had a bit of handle on the direction….and of course listening to some good music helps to put me in the right zone.

Finally, i think i’ll leave it here and head out for a walk. it always helps to have some distance for a bit of time, then i’ll come back to it later. Sometimes that actually doesn’t work when i’m doing an abstract, it’s almost like i then get too analytical and can very easily screw things up royally!


When will it end!!!

I know everyone is getting pretty sick of this winter….woke up this morning to more snow, and i for one have had enough!!!

Seems like we’ve had 2 winters in one cos it started so early this year, but it has offered me more time to stay indoors and paint and explore, for that i am very grateful!

Had a wonderful visit with my dear friend Jane….and while she was here she purchased a beautiful little cabin in the woods and will be spending summers here for the first year or so, then who knows! It was very cold during her stay and we had so much snow, luckily she isn’t totally daunted by the scope of winters out here!

I’ve also had a great time painting….here’s the last couple of images – I’m still enthralled with this medium and am not missing clay too much yet. the first image is at the start of the painting, i try to take photographs at regular intervals (when i remember!) and this helps me see the progression and where i might have gone off etc. The second image is where i left it – i love doing these weird abstract images….and believe it or not, i used a close up image of a tulip as the jumping off point!


From some of the other blogs i’ve been reading, the idea of framing an image was suggested, so i decided to frame a couple of my paintings! Here’s the 4th in the series of The Chair…..


It was interesting to see the image once all the rough edges were gone, and i could focus in on it!

Seems like another day to get down to some painting, after we’ve cleaned a cabin for someone arriving this afternoon! Of course much depends on if they get up the hill….


More about pastels….

About a year ago I began exploring pastels as a medium for painting, and I have been pretty well addicted ever since! I love their tactile beauty. When I first began trying to use them, I was pretty terrible, so I went to the internet of course, for some videos on how to apply them and learn some of the techniques I was seeing in the work of other artists. I found quite a few, but the one that knocked my socks off was Marla Baggetta! She’s an artist living in Portland, Oregon, and her work just sang to me…..the energy, the passion and the luminosity she exhibited blew me away! So, I decided to contact her and ask her if she was interested in doing a workshop, here, at Big Hill, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia! She agreed – and we’ve pinned down some of the details.

First of all, here are 3 images of her work….

The 3 day Intensive Loosen Up and Break Through workshop will be held here, at Big Hill Retreat, see http://www.bighillretreat.com for images of our location and accommodation.

Course Description:
Marla Baggetta’s Loosen Up & Break Through! pastel painting workshop is based on “100 Variations”, a pastel series featured in Pastel Journal, which marked a shift in Marla’s career and became a metaphor for her life as an artist. By working on multiple pieces of the same composition students discover how to “loosen up” and push their boundaries as painters. Over the course of the workshop students will use the fundamentals of painting as the foundation as they explore the lessons that can be learned by immersing oneself into a theme. Some mixed media will be explored to foster a non-precious approach. This workshop will include demonstrations, individual mentoring and positive, actionable critiques.This is a fast paced lively workshop for both the beginner and experienced artist.

COST: $660, Includes accommodation.

You can see more of her work at her website, http://www.marlabaggettastudio.com/GalleryMain.asp?GalleryID=70516&AKey=3YH3YL29

I can’t speak more highly of this woman…she is dynamic, kind, down to earth and a wonderful artist, and I get the feeling she knows how to have fun!!! If you want more information, or you would like to register, please email me, you’ll find my address in the Contact Me link on my blog. Or call me at 902 295 2726.

Finally, here is a picture of Marla herself!
46a final 5x7

I’m very sure this is going to be an amazing workshop, so let me know if you are interested, or if you know someone else who might enjoy this type of workshop!


Turning into a Pastel Blog…

For the next couple of months i’m taking a break from the old mud room, and will be doing other stuff, like napping (Joking!), painting, exploring other ideas. So, i thought i’d start doing a blog now and then about the progress of some of the paintings.

First of all, what’s with all this weather….everywhere on the news it is the main topic, and no wonder! Right now our road looks like a frozen river….very beautiful and shiny, but we haven’t been able to go anywhere for the past 2 days!

Been watching lots of videos and reading other fabulous blogs about pastel painting, i am seriously addicted….and am presently waiting, very impatiently, for some lovely new Ludwig pastels that i ordered on line!!!

anyway, today i spent a wonderful few hours painting this image.
i took this shot while i was visiting Morgan in Vancouver, and i loved the light.
So my under painting, using water colour started here!

I try and take a photograph every so often, then i can see the progress and how the image is shaping up…or not as the case sometimes is!
The next four images are the progression so far.

I’m quite pleased with the end result, but of course i can see where i could have done things differently. it was too late for me to make a change in the shape of the chair….just too damn impatient to get started ! i think i need to slow down a bit at the very beginning!

Anyway, i’m loving it.


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