Away from Home!

I’m away from my home right now, working for some very dear and wonderful friends of mine – Sandra and Gavin, who are also potters/ceramic artists….I’m here in Barrie, Ontario working at their studio for about 10 days, throwing massive amounts of bowls, vases etc. It’s a great situation and one that was very spur of the moment. They have a few shows in the very near future, their main employ left a few weeks ago! They had airmiles and I have the experience and familiarity with their work.
It has also afforded me the opportunity to see my twin daughters!!! I’ve known these friends for over 10 years, we all lived in Muskoka, quite close to each other and for many of the years I did contract work for them off and on – it’s always been a very good experience!

Having the skills of a production potter is so portable and over the past 4-5 years I have used this type of work more frequently, to augment my income. Many years ago I got tired of doing the really big shows, One of a Kind in Toronto, Signatures in Ottawa – and some of the wholesale shows in Toronto. I was having a difficult time dealing with the unknowable quality of just how much income I would take away from these shows; it could be $1000 or could be more! It became a bit nerve racking, so I found I enjoyed the interaction between myself and another artist, it was very stimulating, and I was able to control just how many hours I worked and therefore had a pretty good idea of how much money I would make. I am putting all this out here just in case there are some of you in a similar situation. It is a really great way to augment income and explore new and different ways of working.

This trip is going so well, I’m visiting with old and dear friends in the area (Toronto, Muskoka) and of course my girls…..we spent last weekend together and they are heading up this way today, for the weekend.

Being in and around an industrial setting is so different from my home and studio in the country, so I’ve been madly wandering around with my camera, looking for some beauty…I have managed to find some in the lovely catstail reeds in the ditches!
and the other day, when the sun was out, I managed to catch a few good shots of the tall grasses, in the same ditch!

I’ll take some shots of the inside of the studio next week and do a post with that. Dotti Potts is quite an amazing studio – they are so productive and multilayered.
I’ll also add a link to their website then.

1 Response to “Away from Home!”

  1. May 2, 2010 at 1:49 am

    Great experience to have a change of pace. Loving the pictures too. Sory i’m a tad behind on commenting 🙂

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