Home again, home again…..

After almost 2 weeks away and a very long day on Thursday, hopping from plane to plane, I’m finally back home…..ahhh…what a good feeling!
Even the fact that we still have loads of snow here, and it snowed last night….compared to the clean and almost greenness of Ontario, I’m still very appreciative of this beautiful and peaceful place I call home.
I’ve spent the last couple of days figuring out the next step in the glaze testing, so today I’ll head over and get that organized for a glaze kiln to go on tomorrow. I’m at that somewhat chaotic stage where there are many different ways I could go, but I’m trusting my process and I think that by the time this kiln gives me more information, I’ll be well on my way to finding the 3-4 glazes I want to commit to, for the time being. Having had a very predictable style for so many years, that was basically like a majolica technique, but at cone 6, I didn’t have much need for glaze testing, I got a lot of variations in colour thro combing stains…..so this is all so new and very exciting!

I also have to remark on how the experience of working in another artists studio can be so stimulating! Doing contract work has it’s challenges for sure, but once you give up your own preconceived ideas of how a certain item should look, or can be made….it can get your own creative juices flowing and offer you a whole new insight into how you might make certain pieces for yourself. There are many new items and forms I’m getting ready to play around with, once I’ve got this kiln load organized!

1 Response to “Home again, home again…..”

  1. May 2, 2010 at 1:51 am

    Sounds like you are happy to be home & in the mood to experiment. Have fun with your glaze choices 🙂

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