Wwoofers & Pots!

Here are Michael and Judith, two delightful young folks from Belgium.
They are here as part of the WWOOF’s program….(Willing Workers On Organic Farms). Terry has been connected to this worldwide organization for many years. It brings together people with the desire to explore other cultures from a more realistic perspective and folks like us here at Big Hill who love sharing what we have here. They do about 4-5 hours of work a day in exchange for room and board. Most wwoofers stay for around 1 or 2 weeks and they do all sorts of work – from dealing with the huge garden, preparing cabins for visitors, chopping, stacking or moving piles of wood….pretty well whatever needs doing. Today they helped me in the pottery, cleaning and pricing the new work. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet interesting young people from all over the world. Here we have Judith playing her ukulele and Michael demonstrating what happens when you use the wrong yeast in the bread machine!!!

In other news….the results of yesterdays kiln were very successful, except for a couple of issues with glazes running onto shelves….

This is what happens when glazes are still being tested to see how far they can be pushed….either in thickness of by the addition of other glazes! The later being the problem here…i’ve been trying all sorts of combination, with some totally beautiful results….and a few spills!
Here are some of the more successful pieces!

I’m heading up to Sydney Docks tomorrow to participate in the Cruise Ship vendor’s area….should be an interesting gig…..other than having to get out of bed at 6 am….I’m kinda looking forward to being in that kind of milieu again!

1 Response to “Wwoofers & Pots!”

  1. May 2, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Oooohhh Linda i am LOVING these colours very much, totally georgeous. Would you sell me a couple of your mugs if you make them in either of the above glazes? Might treat G & me to a little treat all the way from Canada to use in his new kitchen. Let me know if this is possible, how much for everything & how to pay 🙂

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