Time for an update

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the Mother’s day sale and I am pleased to say that it was a great success! Lots of folks found their way here, visited, munched on Terry’s fresh banana bread and bought some pots! I was very happy at the close of the weekend. My only regret was that i forgot to have my camera close by so I don’t have photographs!

We’ve been busy with lots of other things over the past few weeks. Some really big cruise ships dock up at Sydney Harbor once a week right now, and more frequently in the Fall, and we’ve been there a few times.

Don’t these 2 handsome men look awesome – they’ve been a great help and some much needed relief now again from sitting behind a table all day!

Terry has been taking some shots of me during the many different stages of the pottery making process….mainly to put on the website
http://www.bighillretreat.com so I thought it might be interesting to add them here also!

So it’s now the day after the cruise ship venture, sales were only marginal, but I think it might be worth a few more whacks at it …..
It is sometimes so difficult to figure out if it’s just not your market, or is it something altogether out of your hands. There is always lots of speculation as to why a particular show or sale doesn’t yield good sales,
from the weather, to the market….and on it goes. Frankly, I believe it is all a crap shoot and no matter how much you try to analyze, at the end of the day you have to make a decision based on your sales and a general feeling of whether it’s your type of market….always a bit sketchy!

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