The reclaim game…

Most people have no idea about the more ugly side of being a potter! It is a somewhat romanticized profession, especially after the movie Ghost…i don’t think there is a potter in North America that curses every time they hear that reference! Anyway, what goes on behind the scenes is not pretty….it’s called “RECLAIM” – and for the most part I’ve managed to sidestep that whole deal…..I’ve been guilty of just tossing my trimmings over the side of the hill at my old studio!!! God help the poor folks that bought that property!
So, i’ll just set the record a little straighter……here is the process!

Here we have step 1…..all the trimmings accumulate in some place (i have many boxes strewn about the studio!)….

This is the result of all the wet stuff that gets produced while throwing on the wheel, it has a very distinct aroma!

This is where we are heading into unknown territory…we’re trying this new drying system…..using canvas bags….and Terry had the brilliant idea of using old jeans….so that’s what we’re trying!

Then the bags are hung outside and the idea is that through the evaporation process, the clay slurry will become nice workable clay, and we’ll be able to make more pots!

It is indeed a messy process, I really hate doing it, and in fact most potters i talk to have the same feelings in this department. But when all is considered, it’s not such a big deal, so I’ve taken the first steps to reclaiming some clay…..the next step will be having to wedge it all!
Now there’s another story!!!

2 Responses to “The reclaim game…”

  1. 1 Kathy Wright
    August 3, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Linda! That’s an interesting process. It reminds me of leftovers from dinner being used for tomorrow’s soup. Can’t wait to hear the next step. Love, Kathy xxxxxxx

    • August 4, 2010 at 9:16 pm

      Hi Kathy….glad you found my post interesting…..the only huge difference is, this doesn’t taste very good at all 🙂
      we’re heading up to Sydney tomorrow…..i need more orzo !!!
      love linda xxxxxxx

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