Getting Ready!

May is almost over and we are being dragged into the work that now needs to be done to get the garden in shape, the pottery full of pots for the upcoming season. It just seems to happen overnight. For the past few months life has been pretty laid back, my wonderful daughter Bronwyn came for a visit….it rained most days but we had a marvelous time none the less…it was so great to have work in the studio alongside me….
we explored so many places around the island….here are a few shots:

And now we have the help of wonderful wwoofers! Richard has returned for this summer and here he is directing Terry in the truck which is full of horse shit….great stuff for the garden!

Here are Richard and Amandine, from France, unloading the pile of horse shit to be integrated into the garden, what a great job they did!!!

And before all this happened….the garden was prepared yesterday…..getting ready for the horse shit!!!

And finally, last but not least, the pottery studio and showroom are being given much attention! We had a great sale here on the Mother’s day weekend…..and i forgot to put out a post about that…it was hugely successful… lots of folks visiting and buying….helping me clear out the old and slightly flawed pieces. Everyone had a great time!

The showroom is now open, by appointment until the beginning of June. Then, we will be here, Tuesday thro Saturday, 10am – 5pm….maybe good to give a call in June cos things aren’t really grovin too much and we might take the day off to go for a hike!
But, you can also find us at the Baddeck Farmer’s Market, each wednesday from 11 – 2pm, right next to the library, and we start Wednesday, June 1st!

Welcome to spring on Cape Breton Island, where it can rain, hail and god knows what else in the same day….kinda like Scotland, no wonder i feel so at home here!

1 Response to “Getting Ready!”

  1. May 26, 2011 at 1:55 am

    Hi Linda,
    It is wonderful working with daughters isn’t it.
    Thanks for a great visit I really enjoyed seeing
    your studio/shop. A very nice set-up.
    Thanks also for the pictures they bring back good memories.
    All the best for a good summer season.

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