A small update….

I thought I’d do a catch up blog, since it’s been a busy couple of months …. There has been lots of comings and goings of wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms), and we just said farewell to the last one, Karen from Estonia. She was an absolute delight to have here and we were very sad to see her go!

Here she is deconstructing the garden the other day, when it was extremely cold and we had our first wood stove of the season on!

It feels very sad to put the garden to rest for the winter, all that promise of growth from seeds, such an amazing feeling when the planting begins! I was particularly disappointed in my tomato yield, lots of wonderful and lush and bushy plants, and loads of big tomatoes, but with the soggy summer we had, hardly any of them ripened….I’ve got lots of green tomatoes sitting on window ledges trying to ripen them……this is a shot of some of the one’s I didn’t keep, they did this weird splitting thing!


Karen also had fun in the studio….I showed her how to throw and she did pretty good….her main comment at the end of the hour she spent there was that she felt stiff and sore and had a huge respect now for what we potters do…..

We had a farewell party for Richard a couple of weeks ago….he was with us for over 4 months and mornings are not the same…..he was always up earlier than me and so the coffee was always brewing when I headed to the kitchen!

Here’s Richard taking part in the new game we learned “boot toss” – from our Danish mother and daughter wwoofing team…..

And here he is on his way to his next adventure, winter in Toronto and London!

The construction of the addition is moving on very well…..and now with no more wwoofers it’s mostly up to Terry to complete, he’s doing a wonderful job and the space will be a welcomed addition.

And finally, in the studio…things have been busy and we’ve had a successful season, even better than last year, mainly due to being on the Artists Map of Cape Breton and the sign we put up at the bottom of the road…..now it is time to get product ready for the Christmas season. I started a couple of days ago with some slab work….I love these new wooden stamps I have, the patterns and textures are just wonderful.

So that’s about it for now! Our showroom will be open by appointment after the 15th October, but please feel free to call us 902 295 2726 to see if we are here – cos we probably are!

4 Responses to “A small update….”

  1. 1 pier-david garant
    October 11, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Hi Linda !

    I was looking forward to see how things worked out since we left. It’s only been two months ?! It’s feels so much more !

    The addition looks so great ! I’m sad for your tomatoes though… maybe some homemade ketchup could turn them in an unforgettable hot-dog dressing !?

    I really miss the peacefulness of your place. You have got a secret that I did not find yet ! I’m working on it.

    Be the snow turn grey into white, cold and wet into warm and cozy. Peace !


    • October 12, 2011 at 11:58 pm

      Hi Pier-David…so good to hear from you…and i’m glad you liked the photographs. It has been a busy time around here…and our last wwoofer left yesterday…just Terry and me now……which is a nice change actually! i love you guys, but i also like the peace and quiet now…..things went well at the market today….and if you check my blip (link is on this blog) you’ll see the addition with the new doors….terry has done a wonderful job.
      hope you are well, give my love to Maude please!
      love linda

  2. October 17, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Wow you’ve been busy! I like your new stamps really pretty kinda remind me of growing ferns : )

  3. 4 Audrey
    October 31, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Love your new stamps! Can’t wait to see how you will finish them!
    the “weird splitting thing” is common to this variety of heirloom tomatoes!
    Just sooooo exciting visually!!!!!—-yes!!!! Feast for the eyes.
    Did they ripen a wee bit more on your window ledge?

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