A ton a day!

Another potter friend of mine, Tony Clennell, introduced me to this most amazing guy over in Britain. Tony has been blogging about this guy for a little while now….you can read more at http://www.smokieclennell.blogspot.ca – Tony is also a great wealth of information in the pottery world.

But let me get back to the reason for this post! ISAAC BUTTON! This amazing man, worked at a pottery, in England for about 20 years i think. He not only dug and made his own clay, but he was known to throw a TON OF CLAY A DAY!!! Mind you that wasn’t every day, cos of course he had other stuff to do, like finishing the pots, glazing them, filling the 3 chamber, coal firing kiln, that took 48 hours to fire…..it is an amazing little video.


He has such a down to earth feel about him, right down to the pipe constantly in his mouth and his little cap always on his head. He also wore a shirt and tie each day, under his overalls! The movie was created during the last year of him being in production, and it is accompanied by the Beatles! So, go grab a cuppa tea and settle down for this 35 minute gem!

I thought i was pretty industrious….or at least when i was in full production many years ago…now i’m a bit more laid back which is just fine by me. By the way, a ton of clay translates into approximately 45 boxes of clay….a box holds 44 lbs. I think in a year i might use about 80 boxes or a bit more….that’s just about 2 days of throwing for Isaac.

In other news….it’s been pretty damp around here, lots of snow then it melted and now it’s frozen!
This is the view out the door 2 days ago!

And this was a few days ago, when it was really beautiful!


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