A few months later…

So much for my optimistic thought of posting just once a week….maybe even once a month would have been good too, but….anyhow, here i go!

Getting close to the beginning of my 4th season here at Big Hill….and we started with the Baddeck Market today! A small showing of vendors, but then of course the seeds are just being sown, apart from those lucky enough (or industrious enough) to have a greenhouse, so mostly it was made of the crafters and those selling lovely oils, vinegars and baked goods!
blip-006 It was wonderful to be reunited with friends that i’ve made over the past while here.

Since the last blog, Terry and I had an amazing time in Cuba…we had 2 glorious weeks on Cayo Santa Maria, one of the smaller resorts. Paradise doesn’t begin to describe this place.



Since the middle of April lots has been going on here:
The new floating dock was relaunched into the pond….
big hill dock 2013-81

Richard took his first dive into the pond, on May 1st…..

My explorations have been far and wide….i took a huge leap and bought new photo processing software, Lightroom. For the first couple of weeks i was totally frustrated, didn’t understand a damn thing…but now i’m watching turorials, reading an amazing manual….but still have a long way to go.

I’ve also joined the MammoWarriors, an amazing group of women who participate in Dragon Boat racing each year. They raise funds to assist folks here on Cape Breton Island who are dealing with Cancer and the many unrelated financial issues.

dragon boat practice
I’m loving it, we practice once a week and apart from last monday, the evenings on the river have been glorious. It’s hard work and i feel pretty knackered after, but oh such a good feeling!

Lastly, the showroom is now OPEN!! Got the shelves all prettied up and slowly getting lots of good stock. Tuesday to Saturday, 10 – 5: or any other time by chance or appointment. Come on up the Big Hill and see what we have on the shelves.


pottery studio 2013-8

There is a definite feeling of industry around here right now. Lots of pots being made, we have a lovely young woman from Italy, Sonja, staying with us and helping out in the garden. I might even get my little tomato seedlings transplanted to bigger pots before they can be hardened off in preparation of them going into the ground. I have some wonderful heirloom tomatoes from a well seasoned gardener…i’m excited to see, and taste, the results.


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