More about pastels….

About a year ago I began exploring pastels as a medium for painting, and I have been pretty well addicted ever since! I love their tactile beauty. When I first began trying to use them, I was pretty terrible, so I went to the internet of course, for some videos on how to apply them and learn some of the techniques I was seeing in the work of other artists. I found quite a few, but the one that knocked my socks off was Marla Baggetta! She’s an artist living in Portland, Oregon, and her work just sang to me…..the energy, the passion and the luminosity she exhibited blew me away! So, I decided to contact her and ask her if she was interested in doing a workshop, here, at Big Hill, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia! She agreed – and we’ve pinned down some of the details.

First of all, here are 3 images of her work….

The 3 day Intensive Loosen Up and Break Through workshop will be held here, at Big Hill Retreat, see http://www.bighillretreat.com for images of our location and accommodation.

Course Description:
Marla Baggetta’s Loosen Up & Break Through! pastel painting workshop is based on “100 Variations”, a pastel series featured in Pastel Journal, which marked a shift in Marla’s career and became a metaphor for her life as an artist. By working on multiple pieces of the same composition students discover how to “loosen up” and push their boundaries as painters. Over the course of the workshop students will use the fundamentals of painting as the foundation as they explore the lessons that can be learned by immersing oneself into a theme. Some mixed media will be explored to foster a non-precious approach. This workshop will include demonstrations, individual mentoring and positive, actionable critiques.This is a fast paced lively workshop for both the beginner and experienced artist.

COST: $660, Includes accommodation.

You can see more of her work at her website, http://www.marlabaggettastudio.com/GalleryMain.asp?GalleryID=70516&AKey=3YH3YL29

I can’t speak more highly of this woman…she is dynamic, kind, down to earth and a wonderful artist, and I get the feeling she knows how to have fun!!! If you want more information, or you would like to register, please email me, you’ll find my address in the Contact Me link on my blog. Or call me at 902 295 2726.

Finally, here is a picture of Marla herself!
46a final 5x7

I’m very sure this is going to be an amazing workshop, so let me know if you are interested, or if you know someone else who might enjoy this type of workshop!


4 Responses to “More about pastels….”

  1. 1 Audrey & Vas Gajic
    January 22, 2014 at 11:16 am

    OMG!!! How exciting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this ladies work! incredible!!!! …Makes me want to go out to get pastels immediately!!! let me back that comment up – when i saw your last pastel chair entry i wanted to go out and get me some pastels!!! Congrats!!!!

    love aud xoxoxox

  2. January 22, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    Oh Linda, this looks amazing. I must admit to not paying much attention to pastels before but I am looking at them in a new light. Thinking that a workshop might be nice…

  3. January 27, 2014 at 1:55 am

    That is so exciting for you, Linda.. just proves: all you have to do is ask. :)..enjoy.
    Just to keep you in the clay ‘loop’…did you see that Steven Hill is doing at workshop in B.C. this summer at MISSA? 🙂 ..long trek for you, but should be great for those who can go. Trish from Alberta

    • January 27, 2014 at 1:00 pm

      Hi Trish….it is indeed very exciting, i’ve already got a couple of folks registered! i didn’t know SH was going to be out in BC…too bad i was there last year visiting my daughter. i’m sure it’ll be awesome. hope your finding your rhythm again 🙂

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