When will it end!!!

I know everyone is getting pretty sick of this winter….woke up this morning to more snow, and i for one have had enough!!!

Seems like we’ve had 2 winters in one cos it started so early this year, but it has offered me more time to stay indoors and paint and explore, for that i am very grateful!

Had a wonderful visit with my dear friend Jane….and while she was here she purchased a beautiful little cabin in the woods and will be spending summers here for the first year or so, then who knows! It was very cold during her stay and we had so much snow, luckily she isn’t totally daunted by the scope of winters out here!

I’ve also had a great time painting….here’s the last couple of images – I’m still enthralled with this medium and am not missing clay too much yet. the first image is at the start of the painting, i try to take photographs at regular intervals (when i remember!) and this helps me see the progression and where i might have gone off etc. The second image is where i left it – i love doing these weird abstract images….and believe it or not, i used a close up image of a tulip as the jumping off point!


From some of the other blogs i’ve been reading, the idea of framing an image was suggested, so i decided to frame a couple of my paintings! Here’s the 4th in the series of The Chair…..


It was interesting to see the image once all the rough edges were gone, and i could focus in on it!

Seems like another day to get down to some painting, after we’ve cleaned a cabin for someone arriving this afternoon! Of course much depends on if they get up the hill….

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