Clean up time.

This is one time i wished i taken a ‘before’ image also! but i didn’t so you’ll have to imagine just how dirty my pastels were.


I could hardly tell what the real colour was, so i spent a long time cleaning them…using a container of rice…..the rice in this shot is the 2nd batch, and it was at one point, white!!!

I was about to begin another painting but just couldn’t stand all the dust and mess….and now, after spending a great afternoon painting, i feel relatively happy with this one.

It still amazes me how tentative i feel when starting out…especially with the abstract images. here are the first few steps….at this point i have no real feel for the direction and it all feels so awkward and clumsy…..going on absolute faith is all i can do!



this is when i started to feel i had a bit of handle on the direction….and of course listening to some good music helps to put me in the right zone.

Finally, i think i’ll leave it here and head out for a walk. it always helps to have some distance for a bit of time, then i’ll come back to it later. Sometimes that actually doesn’t work when i’m doing an abstract, it’s almost like i then get too analytical and can very easily screw things up royally!

2 Responses to “Clean up time.”

  1. February 27, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    An interesting process you have there. I never even thought about pastels needing cleaning -but of course!
    I just started an oil painting (first ever) and I threw all caution to the wind!

    • February 27, 2014 at 1:04 pm

      Hi Elizabeth, i just took a look at your oil painting, and i like it a lot! i agree with you about oils being a bit slow, i also couldn’t stand the clean up process which seemed constant to me. Pastels are so good for a more spontaneous approach which i seem to gravitate to. it was the first time i’d cleaned them in this manner, it was much more efficient.

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