Tulips and Pots!

In a couple of days (2 more sleeps!) we’ll be in Cuba…..i can hardly stop myself from doing a happy dance all over the place!!! It’s been a long, hard and cold winter here on Cape Breton Island and i for one have had more than enough! I’ve never been a big fan of winter, i merely tolerate it! So as the lists gets dealt with, the organization of packing gets under way, i thought i’d do a quick post on what’s been going on around here!

I’m back in the old mudroom! Last week i headed back into the lovely comfortable world of clay! I haven’t missed it to tell the truth, but am also ready to get going again with that rhythm of throwing, trimming, handling etc! I wanted to get an order for 90 Ugly Mugs completed before i headed south, and i managed just fine! They will be ready to be glazed on our return.


When i saw this shot of me trimming i was amazed to see the resemblance between my hands and my fathers! My Dad used to work with a butcher in Edinburgh and my sister and i often remarked that he was in the right profession cos his fingers looked like sausages…and then we’d laugh of course! So it was a bit disturbing to see my ‘sausage’ like fingers! but i have to say i love the connection between my working hands and the working hands of my old Dad….brought back some wonderful memories!

My latest abstract image came from the following photograph i took of the tulips that gave me so much…all for $6.00!


Here are 4-5 images as i painted it.


It’ll probably be a little while before i get some concentrated time painting once i’m back into the mudroom. But i’ve got a wonderful little travel kit with pastels, paper, watercolours, etc., and plan to spend some time painting on location, under the amazing blue skies of Cuba!

Hasta Luego!

3 Responses to “Tulips and Pots!”

  1. March 24, 2014 at 12:41 am

    Linda… As I write, you are probably basking in the wonderful warm sunshine..! sun is shining here too, but -11C this morning just isn’t the same.. ! :).. SO…. when you get back and read this.. Happy to see you at the wheel, great mugs! Isn’t it amazing how our hands say so much and remind us so much of our parents’ hands.. I have my mom’s hands. I am back at the clay too, and finally got so photos to upload on my blog.. Creative days to you!

  2. April 15, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    OH MY, our temps just dropped from 62 to 32 in an hour with snow coming and 15 degrees later, how I LOVE your warm tropical pics! Thanks for your delightful comments and blog!

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