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Six months later!

I am rather stunned to realise it has been 6 months since i last posted a blog…’s been a very busy season for sure! I’m just going to do a small overview of the past few months…some of the highlights!

Starting back in May, we had our annual Meditation retreat here, 18 of us were in attendance and the 2 monastics from Gampo Abbey were as always, outstanding!

June was an interesting month! I ended up with terrible tendinitis in my left thumb….i guess i got a bit too enthusiastic about getting lots of work done! But the more exciting thing was my dear friend Mimi, from Toronto, was invited to be the stage director for a fabulous play here in Baddeck, The Bells of Baddeck. It was a great success, but the best part was having my old buddy just down the road for a couple of weeks. We managed to get in quite a few visits….here she is, center of the image, on opening night!
mimi play

Amidst all the usual comings and goings of summer, July being a busy month at our weekly market, Jane Alderdice, another Toronto friend who moved here last year….and i put on our first ever joint show! It was wonderful to be doing such an event with her. We’ve known each other for over 30 years, and finally we got to show our art together! The show was such a success with probably over 100 folks showing up on the friday evening….we plan to continue this and make it a yearly event.
show 5show 4

Then August hit….and it was full on busy days….lots of folks coming up the Hill to buy pottery, the cabins full to overflowing….and Terry decided it was time to get rid of the old porch and rebuild a new one! the last image here is the burning of the old porch (after it had been removed!!!)
porch 4inspectorfire 4

The other highlight of August was that finally, after 40 years living in Canada, i became a Canadian Citizen …. i got to take part in a very moving ceremony out at the Fortress of Louisburg!

Finally September and 2 wonderful highlights – the first one was the 4 day workshop with Diana Sanford, that i have been planning and looking forward to for about a year! Finally the week arrived, Diana was here for a week, staying in the Cozy A cabin and another great friend from Toronto came to take part in the workshop, Lynne Freeman! What a week it was! the actual workshop blew my mind….it far exceeded my wildest dreams! Here are some images!

Diana demonstrating on one of my paintings!
jamin 18

Sumi ink underpainting.
# 18

Pastel on top of another ink underpainting.
# 21

Lynne and Jane in the Zone!
# 4

The Happy Gang!
diana's group

The other fabulous event in September….we’re nearly at the end! My wonderful daughter Morgan came to stay for a week! We had the best time ever! Lots of sunny days, hikes, crepes for breakfast and more!

cape clear 5


And now here we are at the beginning of October – hopefully i won’t wait another 6 months before the next post!


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