The studio space is large and bright, with 2 wheels and table space for hand building projects. Usually there are no more than 5 students in any class, allowing for lots of personal attention. Classes will be available for beginners and those with some experience. Please check back here later for dates and more information.

1 Response to “WORKSHOPS”

  1. April 15, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Linda, I have stumbled across your blog, and love the story about the goats….are they your kiln gods at least??? I am being brazen and wanting to know if you would be willing to share a couple of your recipes??? The turquoise and the chrome red (do you have to fire/cool it differently?) ….I have a heavenly turq that leaves a slip like texture on pots and have been looking and testing t and r for a while to go with it….not liking any of them. Willing to send my textured turq if you are interested too…. Thanx so much….Ruby

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