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Upcoming show.

It has been a crazy busy summer and fall, with one of the highlights the amazing 3 day workshop with Marla Baggetta….see her website here.  It was such a fabulous experience and next week i will write a full blog dedicated to it.

But for today, i want to let everyone know that i will be having a one day Pop Up show at the Ugly Mug, in Sydney Nova Scotia!



UGLY MUG, 1290 Kings Rd, Sydney,


Come visit us, have a great coffee, something delicious to munch on … and see a wider range of my pottery. Hope to see you then!


Marla Baggetta’s Workshop.

I am so thrilled to be hosting a 3 day workshop with Marla Baggetta, here at Big Hill Retreat. Marla, who is a well established artist from Portland, creates the most magical images and she will be here for 3 days to help guide us with her ‘Loosen Up and Break Thro’ workshop.

OCTOBER 23 – 26, 2014.

Course Description

Marla Baggetta’s Loosen Up & Break Through! pastel painting workshop is based on “100 Variations”, a pastel series featured in Pastel Journal, which marked a shift in Marla’s career and became a metaphor for her life as an artist. By working on multiple pieces of the same composition students discover how to “loosen up” and push their boundaries as painters. Over the course of the workshop students will use the fundamentals of painting as the foundation as they explore the lessons that can be learned by immersing oneself into a theme. Some mixed media will be explored to foster a non-precious approach. This workshop will include demonstrations, individual mentoring and positive, actionable critiques.This is a fast paced lively workshop for both the beginner and experienced artist.

You can check out her work and philosophy by visiting her blog

Here are a few images of her pastel paintings!

Space will be limited to 10-11 participants….we already have 6 signed up so please get in touch with me soon if you would like more information about it. I’m so excited to be able to offer such a fabulous artist to our community, I know it is going to be an amazing experience.

The cost of the 3 day workshop is $660.00 which includes 3 nights shared accommodation at Big Hill Retreat. You can view our website for more information:
We will gather here on the Thursday evening, for a light supper and to meet each other. The workshop will take place 24, 25 & 26th, ending on the Sunday. Food will be on an ‘organised’ (by me!) pot luck basis, and we will eat in the main dining room of our home.

For more information, or to register, please contact me at or call me at 902 295 2726902 295 2726.


It’s been a while..

and so much has happened over the past month.
By far the biggest experience was witnessing the passing of my dearest friend Glenn Gagnier! March 3rd, 1954 – June 5th, 2014.


I took this shot way back in the early 80’s. we were both doing a show in Ottawa!


It’s difficult to write about such an experience, but all i want to do is honor him here. He was an amazing potter, a wonderful father and he was one of my very deepest and long standing friends.


To be able to spend 5 days by his side was an amazing gift! he passed about a week and half later and i am eternally grateful to have been able to be with him at that time.

The trip also gave me some wonderful opportunities! blip-11

spending time with his 2 sons, Kaydn and Taevan….hadn’t seen either of them for almost 5 years and they have matured into such beautiful young men……and i can see the mark Glenn has made on their lives. Along with the beautiful pottery he created, his 2 sons are a wonderful legacy for all of us to be reminded of him!

I got to spend 3 days in Montreal with another long time friend, just after leaving Glenn, which was just what i needed! Paulo and his family took such great care of me….we ate delicious meals, we walked, we explored…we talked and we laughed!

And then back home which was the most welcomed relief of all!

Lots of pots being made in the studio…but not many being photographed…so here are some more shots of life here on Big Hill.

Party for Richard’s birthday…..
another party to celebrate my dear friend Jane’s move to Cape Breton…

Maude, our fabulous wwoofer from Montreal….lots getting done around here!

and finally the man who keeps the home fires burning when i have to leave…and melts my heart always!


What a week that was!

What a week we had in the mudroom…. my lovely twin daughters and I! It’s hard to put into words how fabulous it was to witness Morgan and Bronwyn , here in my studio working with clay. When they were young and I was working downstairs in the studio, preparing for some show or another, I had very little time or patience for their fun and explorations – no regrets, just reality!
So, to be able to give over to their experiences of exploring clay was just so heartwarming! They were full of ideas and did in fact execute them all really well!

The first piece they made was this triptych using branches from the apple tree outside….
blip-1 (3)

Morgan wanted to make some vases using the extruder and Bronwyn rolled out more clay to make some coasters!
Then it was onto the wheel…..they both had such lofty ambitions….not just a bowl or a cup or a mug…no, they wanted to make teapots!!!! Ok, so here we go….

blip-1 (2)

There was only a very small moment or two, on about the 5th day, that i got a bit grumpy….i was tired and we had to make the lids!!!! oh well, we managed to get them made and then spent a morning assembling them….

Ta Da…..


Our final project was a collaboration! 9 small canvases, with an image of St. Ann’s Bay at Sunset covering the whole thing! We spent a very fun last evening together, painting, listening to music… was a great way to end their week here. Now we each have a 3rd of the painting to remind us!


And now it’s back to work for me and the reality that it might be a year or more before we see each other again. It’s such a bitter sweet life eh!


A very successful day!

Wow…what a great day we had at the Mother’s Day Sale!

The Saturday was a bit of a tiring day….didn’t get to bed till 2 am on the saturday morning after picking up the girls from the airport at midnight! but what a joy to see them….


The showroom and Bargain Loft (aka the ping pong room where the seconds were on display!) got cleaned, organized and it all looked so sparkly and inviting. After a long day the girls made nachos, the beer was refreshing….and here we are enjoying the moments after things were basically ready!


Saturday was quite foggy to start off with – Terry headed off down the hill to put up a few signs….

Richard got the woodstove going, the girls brought over the yummy muffins and brownies they made the night before…and all was ready! 4 minutes past opening time a couple of cars arrived….mostly the MammoWarrior women i paddle with! Much excitement as we visited and they had a great time finding all sorts of ‘treasures’ up in the Loft!

Throughout the day friends dropped by and there were some new faces, which is always lovely! I was too busy to take pictures when the place was full….and it was quite full a lot of the time!



And once again, the stars of the show…..


Fabulous day….thanks hugely to everyone who dropped by, without you there would be no point!

and a big thanks to Richard, Terry, Morgan and Bronwyn… guys totally rock!


Don’t forget….

This sunday….MOTHER’S DAY SALE….HERE….10 AM – 4 PM.

Special guest stars… lovely twin daughters, all the way from Vancouver! They arrive at midnight tonight….and they don’t know it yet, but tomorrow they have lots to do….cleaning and other such stuff…. but making muffins and chocolate brownies is high priority…..yummmy!


I promise things will be tidy and inviting by Sunday morning!

Bring a friend or 2 won’t you! Hope to see you then!


mother’s day sale!

10 AM – 4 PM

Please come to our annual Mother’s day sale, we will have new pots, familiar pots and some slightly flawed pots at reduced prices. There will be 15% off new Stock! Coffee and something tasty will be on offer too! So, if you think MOM would like a trip out the pottery, come on up the Big Hill and bring a friend or two!


Right now things are pretty busy around here! Lots of pots being made and fired.

This weekend we are hosting our annual spring meditation retreat ….so there is lots of cleaning and organizing going on, with 17 folks in attendance. It is always very rewarding.


Take # 105 to Rear Big Hill Road, then 3 km up the hill, and follow the signs.


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